GE #71802 65W BR40 Flood Incandescent Bulbs - (6 - Pack)
GE #71802 65W BR40 Flood Incandescent Bulbs - (6 - Pack)

GE #71802 65W BR40 Flood Incandescent Bulbs - (6 - Pack)

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Illuminate your space with the high-quality GE 65W BR40 Flood Incandescent Bulbs. These bulbs are designed to provide bright and consistent light, making them perfect for a variety of settings including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. The flood design ensures a wide beam angle, ideal for large areas requiring extensive coverage.

With a 65-watt power consumption, these bulbs offer efficient lighting while maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere. The BR40 shape fits standard fixtures, ensuring easy installation and compatibility. Packaged in a set of six, these bulbs provide excellent value and convenience.


  • Brand: GE
  • Order Code: 71802
  • Model Number: 65BR40/YR-LTP2/6
  • UPC: 043168718025
  • Power Consumption: 65W
  • Light Type: Incandescent
  • Bulb Shape: BR40
  • Finish: Flood
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Beam Angle: Wide flood
  • Quantity: 6 bulbs per pack
  • Compliance: Meets United States Federal Energy Efficiency Labeling Requirements
  • Ideal Use: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting applications.


  • Bright Illumination: Provides consistent and bright light ideal for large spaces.
  • Wide Coverage: Flood design ensures a broad beam angle for extensive area coverage.
  • Easy Installation: Standard BR40 shape fits most fixtures, allowing for quick and simple installation.
  • Efficient Lighting: 65W power consumption offers a balance of brightness and energy efficiency.
  • Value Pack: Comes in a set of six, providing convenience and cost savings.


  • Shape: BR40
  • Finish: Flood
  • Watts: 65W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Lumens: Not specified (Typical BR40 flood bulbs of this wattage emit around 600-700 lumens)
  • Color Temperature: Warm white (typically around 2700K for incandescent bulbs)
  • Lifespan: Standard incandescent lifespan (typically 1,000-2,000 hours)
  • Dimmable: Yes, with compatible dimmers

Package Contents:

  • 6 x GE 65W BR40 Flood Incandescent Bulbs